Thursday, September 17, 2009

Viliv S7 hits Dynamism from $629

Importers Dynamism have released pricing and specification details for the Viliv S7, the latest ultraportable touchscreen device from the Korean company.  Coming after the surprisingly popular S5 and well-received X70, the S7 adds a QWERTY keyboard and uses a more traditional netbook-style form-factor; according to Dynamism, when it drops in the US it’ll be priced from $629.

viliv s7 official 1

That gets you the entry-level S7 complete with Intel’s 1.33GHz Z520 processor, 1GB of RAM and a 60GB hard-drive.  Next up is the S7/32ssd, which as the name suggests switches out the HDD for a 32GB SSD, for $659.  Finally there’s the S7/32ssd/3G, which adds in an integrated HSPA modem along with the 32GB solid-state drive, for $799.  That 3G modem is expected to be voice-capable, so you could feasibly – and assuming you have deep pockets in every sense – leave your cellphone at home and rely on the S7 for calls.

No exact word on when Dynamism will get their stock in, but we’re hearing from several bloggers in North America and Europe that demo units are flying out from Viliv themselves.  That would certainly suggest that the S7 is imminent.

viliv s7 official 1 150x100viliv s7 official 2 150x100 viliv s7 official 3 150x100


Intel Jasper Forest embedded Xeon CPU

Intel have been teasing with some pre-show chip information in advance of their IDF (Intel Developer Forum) kicking off September 22nd.  As well as talking up their manufacturing expertise – Intel describe themselves as “by far the most advance of any semiconductor manufacturer in the world” – they’re also tipping their upcoming Jasper Forest embedded processor platform.

intel xeon 5500

Jasper Forest will be built on 45nm processes but use 32nm technology for 27W system power savings, together with incorporating the I/O hub onto the processor.  That will allow for PCI Express 2.0 ports, RAID 5 and 6 support and Intel 3420 chipset connectivity directly from the CPU.  Intended for use in embedded, communications and storage equipment – such as routers, VoIP systems, NAS and wireless infrastructure systems – Jasper Forest offers Nehalem-based Xeon 5500-series processor performance but in a more economical, cooler package.

The first hardware partners using Jasper Forest will be revealed at the IDF, together with further detail on how Intel’s 32nm CPU processes have been certified.  CPU wafers for the company’s Westmere platform are expected to go into revenue production in Q4 2009; that will be accompanied by “smarter System on Chip” production.


JVC HD Everio GZ-HM400 camcorder

Camcorders are one of the devices that just about everyone has today. Parents use them to shoot miles of footage of their kids, mostly hoping to get something humiliating they can hold over their kids heads when they grow up. JVC has unveiled a new full HD camcorder for video fans called the GZ-HM400.

jvchm400 sg

The camcorder is available now and stores video to SD/SDHC cards and has 32GB of internal storage as well. The CMOS sensor on the camera is a 10.3MP unit providing 1080p video resolution. The camera is also capable of recording at 600 frames per second for slow-motion playback of sports and other action.

The camera uses Konica Minolta HD Lens technology and a JVC developed optical image stabilization system. The camcorder also features Face Detection for up to 16 faces and one touch uploading to YouTube. The camera is available now for $999.95.


Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Archos has gone all official with its new Archos 5 Internet Tablet. Te tablet has a large screen that supports HD resolution for media and has a built-in TV recording function. GPS is also built into the device and it runs the Android operating system. The screen is a 5-inch high resolution unit with a full internet browser to rival the surfing experience you get on a computer. The Archos 5 is available with up to 500GB of storage capacity for movies and apps.

archos5 sg 540x317

Archos has also announced its own app store called AppsLib Store that provides access to free and paid applications developed specifically for the 5-inch screen device. The tablet will also ship with several apps preinstalled as well. The tablet also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for accessing the internet via a mobile phone.

The processor is an ARM Cortex A8 from Texas Instruments and the screen has a resolution of 800 x 480. The tablet will be available in late September starting at £199.99 and going up to £349.99 depending on the configuration.


Nokia N900

Nokia N900

Definitely, Nokia wants to reveal all the surprises before the Nokia World with Nokia N900. In fact, Nokia has hardly anything about his potential as a phone, which obviously does, but focuses mainly on the possibilities of Internet access, in the execution of applications and storage.


The specifications of the Nokia N900 will cause no problems to compete with other models in the market. In fact, not far removed from those who have the N97. We found a 3.5 inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and, inside, an ARM Cortex-A8 processor at 600 MHz, making it compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0, therefore, with games and 3D the market.

Nokia N900

Offers 256 MB of RAM, while storage is identical to the N97, 32GB of internal memory expandable with microSD cards to 16GB. Besides the physical QWERTY keyboard sliding type of disposal, also allows its use with a virtual keyboard on screen, something that many users will appreciate.

The camera is not the most powerful with 5-megapixel, coming with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash. Do not forget either the GPS receiver compatible with A-GPS and Maps application preinstalled Ovi.

Operating System

The main innovation of the Nokia N900’s Maemo operating system 5, based on Linux, support for multiple desktops, where you can create shortcuts to contacts, and applications. In addition to installing widgets that display information to us or allow us to control some of its functions.

Nokia N900


Internet surfing will be one of the strengths of this device. This has several points of support, both in point hardware and software. For connectivity we can use the 3G support with support for HSPA, or Wi-Fi.

When browsing, the resolution of your screen will help, but also the software that integrates, as the browser is based on Mozilla code. In addition, we see the content in full screen to maximize space. To this is added support for Flash 9.4, allowing you to play videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.


With 32 GB of storage space and resolution, multimedia features take on special relevance. Obviously, including music players, video and photos, compatible with multiple formats and also will allow tuning to Internet radio stations.

It adds to the FM transmitter, allowing us to hear the sound through radio, DLNA compatibility, to send the content to our television and the mentioned media formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, MP4, AVI, WMV, H.264, XviD, …

The Price and availability in the market

Although it might seem, by specifications, the price of the Nokia N900 is not an exaggeration, at least when compared with other models from this manufacturer. It will cost 500 euros before subsidies and taxes, so we might find more or less accessible to an operator and data plan is almost essential.

Nokia N900 will be from October this year when it became available and I believe that a giant step forward for Nokia. Freed from the burden of S60 and little to offer good development tools and shop applications, this phone and its successors may become serious competitors.


MSI AE2200 all-in-one PC

All-in-one PCs are very popular right now and there are more and more of them being introduced every day. MSI has announced a new Wind Top called the AE2200 that features a 22-inch screen with full 1080p resolution.

msiae2200 540x409

MSI crams a TV tuner and HDMI into the PC as well. MSI will ship the system with Windows Vista, but it will include a free upgrade coupon for Windows 7. The CPU of the machine is an Intel Pentium dual-core and the computer uses the Intel G45 chipset.

Graphics for the machine are via Intel GMA X4500HD with up to 256MB of shared memory. System memory is 4GB of DDR2 and storage is to a 500GB HDD. A tray loading DVD super multi drive is built-in along with a memory card reader, Wi-Fi, a 1.3MP webcam and 5W speakers. Starting price for the AE2200 is $799.99.


HP Envy 13

hp envy13

HP Envy 13 and Envy 15 are the new banners of HP’s portable design with aluminum casing and exquisite finish. The 13-inch model comes with only 1.7 kg weight and a thickness of 2 cm. On the model of 15 inches, his weight up to 2.3 kg and thickness less than an inch, ie about 2.5 cm.

Another very positive point of these new computers are HP Envy batteries, replaceable and autonomy of 7 hours for Envy 13 Model, but we can go to incredible 18 hours with an external battery. This battery is sold together with a Blu-Ray external drive for only $ 200. The HP Envy 13 Notebook Series does not have an optical drive.

hp envy 13

But things are not there. The brightness of the display of the new HP Envy 13 is 400 nits and the trackpad is glass and supports gestures. For audio, HP has partnered with Monster to provide sound Beats these new notebooks.

The HP Envy 13 has a screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels in series but we can choose the model with higher resolution, 1600 × 900 pixels. Both models have screen brightness.

The processor of this computer is an Intel Core 2 Duo with ATI 4330, 3GB of RAM, HDMI output and is priced at $ 1,700. A but you only have two USB ports.

hp envy 15

The HP Envy 15 is the real monster beautiful dress. Putting aside her angelic appearance, the processor that you can mount is one of the new Intel Core i7 with up to 16 GB of DDR3 RAM. Also join Radeon HD 4830 with 1GB and two SSDs in RAID 0 and you can imagine what we get laptop.

hp envy 15

There are two display options to choose from, both the 15.6-inch LED technology, one with 1080p resolution and brightness of 300 nits. The webcam has been designed with night vision LED for ease of use in the dark. As for the battery, an extra thin and we could give up to 7 hours of battery life.

The HP Envy 15 can be from our $ 1,800.


VIA NetNote 1080p HD

VIA have announced their latest ultraportable reference design, the NetNote, which the company describes as “a mashup between the netbook and the traditional notebook.”  Based on VIA’s Surfboard mainboards, using either VIA C7-M or Nano CPUs, the NetNotes will have screens ranging from 10.2-inches to 12.1-inches and play back Full HD 1080p video.

VIA NetNote System 540x426

Other possibilities include an HDMI port, hardware video acceleration and integrated 3G, all from VIA’s Surfboard platforms.  Positioned as an OEM solution (rather than being marketed directly to end-consumers), the NetNotes could also have an FM transmitter, digital TV receiver with extendable antenna, or even an externally-controlled MP3 player which wouldn’t require the NetNote to be booted up.

From our talks with VIA about the platform, it seems they’re not so much focussed on kick-starting a new niche with NetNotes – in fact it’s more of an internal name – but instead wanting to draw attention to netbooks with performance.  The VIA NetNote Turnkey Systems will have their formal debut at ShenZhen TechForum Autumn 2009 next week, where the company is promising 35 designs together with pricing and availability information.

via netnote 1 150x100 via netnote 2 150x100
via netnote 3 150x100 VIA NetNote System1 150x100

Press Release:

VIA Unveils SurfBoard Platforms and Turnkey Systems for New NetNote Category

NetNote blends the portability and affordability of netbooks with the functionality and HD video capabilities of notebooks to define a new sweet spot in the mobile computing market

Taipei, Taiwan, 16 September 2009 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced additions to its growing range of VIA Surfboard mainboards along with turnkey systems designed to enable a new category of NetNote mobile computing devices.

A mashup between the netbook and the traditional notebook, the NetNote combines the portability and affordability of a netbook with the functionality and HD entertainment capabilities of a notebook in a light, high performance clamshell mobile device with long battery life, screen sizes of between 10.2” – 12.1”, and support for flawless playback of high bit-rate 1080p HD video.

“NetNotes are illustrative of the type of device that is possible after artificial restrictions on screen size, resolution and connectivity are removed,” said Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Light, snappy ultra mobile devices with notebook-level functionality are what consumers want and what the NetNote category of device provides.”

Combining the highly-integrated VIA VX855 media system processor with a choice of VIA C7™-M ULV or VIA Nano™ processors, two new VIA Surfboard NetNote Edition Platforms provide high-quality, energy-efficient and feature-rich “ready to build” solutions for manufacturing NetNote devices.

Additionally, complete VIA NetNote Turnkey Systems offer customers a quick, low cost approach to entering the mobile computing market or expanding their current product portfolio.

Along with support for hardware acceleration of a broad variety of leading video standards including H.264, MPEG-2/4, VC-1 and WMV9, NetNotes come with a host of other advanced features including an optional HDMI port and a choice of integrated 3G connectivity modules.

VIA GMB Alliance – Harnessing the China Growth Engine

The new VIA Surfboard NetNote Edition platforms and VIA NetNote Turnkey Systems have initially been made available to members of the VIA Global Mobility Bazaar (GMB) Program – an alliance of leading China hi-tech manufacturers focused on harnessing the country’s emerging manufacturing base and rapid domestic growth to bring innovative mobile computing devices to China and other fast-emerging markets around the world.

Over 40 companies in the VIA GMB Alliance have developed more than sixty mobile systems based on VIA SurfBoard platforms since its establishment in October 2008. All have expressed support for the new NetNote category, and the first NetNote products are expected to be introduced into the market later this month.

Through the provision of high quality, high performance building blocks such as VIA platforms and turnkey systems, the VIA GMB Alliance aims to build up the mobile device ecosystem in China ultimately enabling manufacturers to offer innovative, affordable mobile solutions to global markets.

The new VIA NetNote platforms and systems will be on show at the next VIA Global Mobility Bazaar Alliance event to be held on Friday 25 September in Shenzhen, China. Further details can be found at:

About VIA NetNote Platforms and Systems

Designed for 10.2”-12.1” NetNote devices, the feature-rich yet highly power-efficient VIA Surfboard NetNote Edition Platforms feature a choice of VIA C7-M ULV or VIA Nano processors supporting an 800MHz FSB, combined with the VIA VX855 media system processor with its support for a wide range of digital media technologies and I/O.

The advanced graphics of the VIA Surfboard NetNote Edition Platforms is powered by the high performance VIA Chrome9 HCM IGP and allows for flawless playback of 1080p HD video at amazingly low processor utilization levels. The boards also feature HDMI ports that can be used to deliver HD content to external displays.

The latest high definition audio is supported through VIA Vinyl 8-channel HD audio, and a rich range of connection options includes support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G for unparalleled flexibility.

More information about the VIA SurfBoard NetNote Edition Platforms may be found on the VIA website at:

VIA NetNote Turnkey Systems not only boast the full functionality and larger keyboard and screen sizes more commonly found on standard notebook devices, but also incorporate innovative features such as an integrated, externally controlled MP3 player that doesn’t require the user to boot the OS, an extendable aerial used to receive digital video broadcast from both satellite and terrestrial transmitters, and the ability to act as an FM transmitter allowing users to tune in car radios or cell phones to pick up NetNote broadcasts.

More information on the VIA NetNote Turnkey Systems may be found on the VIA website at:

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc is the foremost fabless supplier of power efficient x86 processor platforms that are driving system innovation in the PC, client, ultra mobile and embedded markets. Combining energy-saving processors with digital media chipsets and advanced connectivity, multimedia and networking silicon enables a broad spectrum of computing and communication platforms, including its widely acclaimed ultra compact mainboards. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA’s global network links the high tech centers of the US, Europe and Asia, and its customer base includes the world’s top OEMs and system integrators.


8GB Hamburger Flash Drive

8GB humbager flash drive

Another cool gadgets with make me hungry, the Hamburger Flash Drive available with the capacity 8GB version, the material of the flash drive is made of high quality ABS plastic.

This USB 2.0 speed is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Each 8GB Hamburger Flash drive has a retails price for about $29.99.


Motorola Dext, Android OS

Motorola Dext

Motorola Dext is the expected first-time leader your phone in the world with the Android operating system.

The American brand has not neglected the full QWERTY keyboard despite the Motorola Dext has a touchscreen. And like many other manufacturers, has put his personal touch and distinctive which has called MotoBlur.

Before going to know what you mean Motoblur, talk of the terminal itself. The Motorola Dext is a slider-type phone that hides a full QWERTY keyboard beneath its 3.1-inch touch screen and 320 × 480 pixels resolution. Dext weight is 163 grams, with a thickness of 15.6 mm.

The camera is another highlight of the Motorola Dext. It has a resolution of 5 megapixels with autofocus and let us send photos directly to us to make social networking sites like Facebook, Picasa and MySpace. If instead we want to send video pictures, the camera also shoots video at 24 fps.

Motorola Dext

For communication with the Internet is not a punishment, the Android phone has HTML browser, 3G and WiFi connectivity. As for storage space, we must have microSD memory cards up to 32GB. The phone includes a 2 GB standard.

Of the remaining specifications highlight its connection 3.5 mm audio, accelerometer and integrated GPS.

Despite being a phone with Android, Motorola has sought to give his touch and has called Motoblur. This is a skin which can synchronize contacts, social networking, calendar and email from the same screen. Users can access an integrated manner all the updates to their personal accounts at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, Yahoo or LastFM, and their personal and work email.

Stated more clearly, Motoblur are widgets technology for various topics such as Events, Messages, Calendar State and where information is grouped globally irrespective of their origin. We in the message folder to receive both social networks, friends via SMS and other communication modes.

The Motorola Dext is priceless yet.


Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC & T400s

Lenovo X200

The touch screen force begins to arrive at computer screens, especially the all in one and laptops. And it does, then you better do multitouch, Lenovo will have thought. They introduced the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC and the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s.

In both models, touch screens are optional, so we can get them also without them if needed. The Lenovo X200 comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz, 160 GB hard drive, 12.1 inch screen and, oddly, only 1 GB of RAM, although its operating system, now is Vista.

Lenovo X200

Obviously, when it launches Windows 7 this will be the option chosen for a laptop. For now, this configuration is offered for $ 1654 but will only be recommended to increase the RAM in a couple of GB more. Something can stay short the 4-cell battery included, but promise a range of up to nine hours with 8 cell.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s

The Lenovo ThinkPad T400s has a base price of $ 1999 and comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 14.1-inch screen, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive and a 6-cell battery. Both models have the softare SimpleTap from October 22.

With him we have access to different functions usually performed by hardware, since toggle the Wi-Fi to adjust the volume or put the PC into hibernation. This function is activated by pressing twice on the screen and turns off with a single touch.


BeoVision 7-40 Blu-ray

Beovision 7-40 Blu-Ray

Bang & Olufsen goes to one of their TVs to Blu-ray truck. The BeoVision 7-40 Blu-ray increases the options we can choose this model, to integrate into the TV itself reader Blu-ray, which also includes all the technologies we expect from a player of this type.

It has BD-Live compatibility, thanks to the Internet including, but not the only novelty of this device, because the TV has been updated to run while incorporating a DTT tuner high definition, prepared by both for the future, when issues of this kind in our country.

Screen also BeoVision 7-40 Blu-ray gets better, because it has integrated image processor 100 Hz, which adds to FullHD panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz which is available on television. As there, it still includes Clear Vision Technologies and Automatic Picture Control, which improves image quality and adjusting the brightness of the light that is in the room.

Of course all these features are reserved for the few, because as any devices that offers Bang & Olufsen, this is a very high price for most of us. BeoVision 7-40 Blu-ray is available in six different colors and costs from 11,713 euros.


Sony NW-A840, Walkman

Sony NW A840

Sony just introduced which will probably be the best player in its Walkman range, the Sony NW-A840, which only fails him, in my opinion, the colors offered in black and brown. Browsers do not look here, touch screens or Wi-Fi, we’re talking about a media player, focusing on the audio, which does what it has to do.

Allow playback both audio and video, the latter in an OLED screen with a resolution of 400 × 240 pixels and a size of 2.8 inches. It’s not ideal for watching movies, but slightly shorter clips. If we have a small screen, the TV out lets you play at 720 x 480 pixels.

Sony has decided to finally get rid of proprietary software to upload files to their players, and this model allows drag and drop from the file browser of your computer. Thus, we can rip music in MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV and video in H.264, MPEG-4 and WMV support more than enough in most cases.

In these features, the Sony NW-A840 adds FM radio tuner, a digital S-Master amplifier, noise cancellation and comes with quality headphones. Its battery provides a range of 29 hours of audio playback and 9 hours in video playback.

She puts Sony NW-A840 on sale in Japan in late October in various capacities. The 16GB model of Sony NW-A840 will cost about 180 euros, while the 32 GB up to 225 euros and the 64 GB to 300 euros


Dell Studio XPS 8000

Dell Studio XPS 435

The Dell Studio XPS 8000 is a team that can meet high expectations for users with an average profile-advanced. It has the Core i5-750 to 2.66 GHz and, like all Dell computers, is highly configurable: up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory, up to 1.5 TB of internal capacity and the ability to configure the graphics card, among which include The GTX260 from NVIDIA in consideration of ATi, the model introduces only ATi 4350. There are other options in between.

We also find the possibility of installing a Blu-Ray drive, most advanced sound cards, TV tuner or even NVidia 3D Vision system, all configurable at the time of purchase the equipment.

Another possible configurations of the Dell XPS Studio 8000 is found in the microprocessor. While by default comes with the Core i5-750, there are extensions to the new Core i7 860 and 870, which also presented the past day and used on the same plate that the i5.

The initial price for the Studio XPS 8000 is about $850


Acer G24HQ 24-inch Full HD monitor

Acer G243HQ

Acer has introduced a new monitor within the high range for the domestic market. It is the Acer G243HQ, with a size of 23.6 inches and resolution of 1920 × 1080, which begins to be quite common on the monitors of upper-middle range and size from the 22 inches.

The Acer monitor has a TN type panel, 80.000:1 dynamic contrast and 2 millisecond response time, the lowest in monitors for the home. It comes fairly complete in terms of connections, because it integrates HDMI (with support for HDCP), DVI and VGA. It also includes the typical manufacturer’s own technologies, as eDisplay Management, eColor Management, and Adaptive Contrast Management.

The final prices have not yet been made public, although we expect to be much lower than the 400 euros that some are being asked by the first G24. In addition, there are already similar to the Acer G243HQ monitors but with some gaps (more response time, less dynamic contrast) for about 200 euros, approximately, but not have a copper colored frame.


LG GM750 with Windows Mobile 6.5

LG GM750

LG is about to release LG GM750 mobile for October, powered by Windows Mobile 6.5, which these days is what touches announce the Windows Mobile. What is LG has made an alliance with Vodafone to launch a European level as an exclusive phone, the new be sold in 5 countries on the same day, October 6, and in December in all countries where Vodafone is present.

The LG mobile phone has a 3 inch touch screen, resolution 240 × 400 pixels, with a modified interface based on S-Class, with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, 5 megapixel camera, compatible with HSDPA / HSUPA, card slot microSD to use as main memory and FM radio.

This LG GM750 be available in Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK, but also in France with SFR operator, did not announce the price, probably because Vodafone offers will differ depending on country. We have to wait until October.


Canon Powershot G11 and S90

Canon Powershot G11

Canon has introduced two advanced compact camera models. The Canon PowerShot G11 is the most prominent. Successor of the Canon G10 is featured with 10-megapixel sensor and 2.8 inch screen covers, and can also rotate. The 5x optical zoom, manual controls and support for a photograph in RAW data are other highlights of this advanced compact camera.

The lower-resolution sensor in conjunction with the Digic IV image processor promises improved dynamic range and noise at high sensitivities content in this Canon G11 goes from 80 to 3200 ISO.

The price of the Canon G11 will be around 500 euros, we do not seem so if the HDMI output had been accompanied by video footage in high definition, an absence that do not understand.

Canon Powershot S90

Caught us by surprise, the PowerShot S90. The highlight of this new model is the luminosity of its objective, f2-4.9. The zoom of 3.8 increases with an equivalent focal length of 28-105 mm.

The Canon S90 also features manual controls and use the RAW format. On the screen is 3 inches, with resolution of 460,000 pixels and HDMI port. Its price will be around 400 euros.


Mimo 720-S, 7-inch touchscreen

mimo 710-s

We had previously talked of a couple of screens Nano. These devices are characterized by small additional screens for your computer.

The Nanovision Mimo 720-S still does not launch date, but its features are already known: we are talking about 7-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels and can rotate the screen 90 degrees. Interesting connection, since this is done only via the USB cable into your computer, and without any other additional power connectors.

The Mimo 720-S will have a little sister, the 710-S to be like the 720 except the touchscreen technology.

As for prices, Mimo 720-S has not yet been put up for sale, but the 710-S can be reserved for $ 150, just over 100 euros to change. The 720-S is obviously more expensive, maybe around $ 250.


Samsung WB5000 with 24x zoom

Samsung WB5000

Without being a DSLR, the Samsung WB5000 some features that are often more typical of these, but with one point more than outstanding, an incredible 24x zoom magnification equivalent to a 26-624 mm, with its Schneider-Kreuznach lens.

Also lets you take photos in RAW format and has a full manual mode, to reflect the most to our liking and take maximum advantage of its possibilities. That it also offers other features more typical of the compact, such as face recognition or automatic mode intelligent.

The sensor resolution is about WB5000 Samsung increasingly amazing 12.5 mega pixels, but we like even more to offer the possibility to record movies in high definition.

So far the Samsung WB5000 has not been officially announced, so it is unknown what the approximate price of this model and when it will release, but these data should arrive during the fourth quarter.


ViewSonic PJD2121 Compact Projector

viewsonic PJD2121

ViewSonic PJD2121 model can create images with sizes up to 60 inches although the projector placed near the screen, but being compact we find an occasional inconvenience. The first is resolution, which can only be 800 × 600 but can natively connect sources to give us up to 1080i video. The other hits of this type of product is the luminosity, well below normal.

In this projector from ViewSonic would be speaking to 400 lumens compared to 2,000 on average to be found in a traditional projector. However, the result will be satisfactory if we do not use in bright environments, because with only 100 lumens projections have gotten good in our tests.

An interesting accessory that came with the projector is the WPG-350 bridge. If you connect to the VGA port on your projector, we will have a WiFi connection with a computer if they want. This accessory does well at resolutions up to 1024 × 768 pixels.

The price of compact projector ViewSonic PJD2121 is $ 500, costing $ 200 WiFi adapter.


Acer Veriton Z280G, computer all in one

Acer Veriton Z280G

The computers all in one also want to get a more professional environment, at least that is the intention of Acer with the model presented, the Acer Veriton Z280G. In fact, there is not much that differentiates it from other computers in this range, except in the software.

Its specifications include an Intel Atom N270, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, Wi-Fi connectivity and Ethernet, five USB 2.0 ports, memory card reader and an optical drive with DVD burning. All integrated on a screen of 18.5 inches.

The computer screen offers a maximum resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a response time of 5 milliseconds, with a 16:9 format. It is accompanied by a keyboard and a mouse, in this case are not wireless.

Included with operating system is Windows XP, but we can choose to view through the recovery CD that comes with. Acer Veriton Z280G will go on sale in the U.S. with a price of $ 499.


MSI Wind Top AE2010

MSI Wind Top AE2010

MSI has upgraded its computer all in one with a new model, the MSI Wind Top AE2010, changing its concept quite as well as its design specifications for the fall within a range altogether.

And so far is that if offered an ultraportable computer specifications, ie Intel Atom, this has been replaced in the new model by an AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core, which comes with 4GB of RAM, a 320 GB hard drive and an ATI Radeon 3200 graphics card.

The screen of this MSI Wind has a size of 20 inches and a resolution of 1600 × 900 pixels, so that content playback in high resolution should be no problem, taking into account the processor incorporates.

As additional specifications of MSI Wind Top AE2010 find an integrated webcam, six USB ports, a memory card reader, speakers with SRS. All with a price of $ 650, plus the option to purchase touchscreen.


Asus Monitors T1 Series

Asus Serie T1

Asus today has spectacular new T1 series monitors. Two models of 22 and 24 inches, which feature digital and analog hybrid tuner and FullHD resolution.

Asus T1 Series enters the range of computer monitors so in demand lately. These are teams with great diagonals that will serve us both to use as a computer screen to have a small TV. This feature 1080p resolution and Freeview tuner. Too bad that he has opted for a hybrid analog / digital when the topic of the most practical switch-off would have been giving it dual digital tuner to watch one program while recording another. Even one of them had been in high definition.

T1 Series also includes virtual surround sound through a pair of 7W speakers and an almost total connectivity, two HDMI ports, two Scarts, component input, composite video, S-Video, VGA, RCA and digital audio output S / PDIF .

In its technical specifications can talk 20.000:1 contrast, the response time of 5ms and image enhancement with Splendid Video Intelligence technology.

Asus T1 Series comes with remote control, with rates of 250 and 300 euros respectively.


Queen of the house, the Roomba


No appliance better than the classic geek Roomba to finish this special edition so good times has brought us this August.

Roomba is a classic appliance has for years in the market iRobot. With the return home after the summer, leaving new Roomba vacuum cleaner market with a mission as always: keep your house clean with just one click.

Roomba is a series of robots with the AWARE system, an application that controls the vacuum and independently performs the housekeeping in all soil types.

It is also effective, safe vacuum, since the machine is disconnected at the time that is lifted off the ground. For furniture and other objects / animals that are in the room that is clean do not worry: Roomba navigates wisely, reduce their speed when approaching any obstacle, even with his anti-drop system stops when it reaches a ladder and turns.

The combination of circular brush and the two brushes that rotate in opposite directions on the sides make it easy for the inner tank was filled with dirt from the floor. Its small size makes it easy to be introduced under the furniture.

Something that we loved when we tried a Roomba was the programming system that makes the vacuum back to base to recharge without the need to act, or when it has finished its task of cleaning that we have entrusted.


Asus uBoom Series portable speakers

Asus uBoom

Asus uBoom Series improve the sound quality offered by our computer, be it laptop or desktop computer.

He does so with a pair of compact models but offer a 2.1 system, that is, come with an integrated subwoofer, improving the response in low frequencies. The first one is the ASUS uBoom Sound-bar, with a rather peculiar design and connecting to the computer via a USB port.

This Asus uBoom Series model is not intended to carry it anywhere, it weighs about three pounds, but its shape allows it to function as portable elevator, making it more comfortable to wear and dissipates heat better than appears from this. It also requires an adapter to power for operation.


LG GW620 1st Android phone

Though it already broke cover at IFA out in Germany a few days ago, LG's just sealed the deal on its very first Android phone -- the GW620 landscape QWERTY slider. Interestingly, the "Etna" name seen at IFA is missing from the official press release, but otherwise, the 3-inch touchscreen mentioned lines up nicely with what we'd previously known. Camera specs aren't mentioned here, but as far as we know, it's going to clock in at 5 megapixels and the phone looks to be loaded with a very bone-stock Android build sans LG-specific enhancements like an S-Class port. Interestingly, the GW620 flies in the face of LG's super-cozy relationship with Microsoft and its commitment to concentrate on WinMo in its smartphone line, but you can tell that the company's wording in the release is very carefully-chosen: the phone is geared at "making the smartphone experience more accessible for typical users" and "young professionals who demand a full QWERTY keypad," which we guess makes WinMo a more business-savvy platform in LG's eyes. We think we're comfortable with that characterization -- for now, anyway. Look for the GW620 to start showing up in "select European markets" in the fourth quarter of the year.


Hercules unveils eCafe EC-1000W netbook

Hercules is a company more known for video game controllers and other peripherals than anything else. With the netbook category of the PC market booming lots of companies not traditionally associated with full computer systems are entering into the market. Hercules is the latest to jump on the netbook bandwagon



Today Hercules announced its new eCafe EC-1000W netbook, and as much as I am surprised to say it, the machine offers some features that you don’t see often on netbooks. Namely, Hercules has crammed 250GB of storage into the machine. The system will also ship with Windows 7 starter edition in October.

Other features of the netbook include a 10.1-inch LCD with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and it runs an Intel Atom N270 processor. Along with the 250GB HDD, Hercules also offers 50GB of online storage. Wireless networking is integrated with 802.11n tech and a 6-cell 4400 mAh battery pack powers the entire works. One of the more impressive features is the price of the machine at $399; it’s a good value for what you are getting


Monday, September 7, 2009

HTC Touch 2

Smartphone announced : HTC introduced the HTC Touch 2 Smartphone, a compact and stylish multimedia handset that is one of the first Windows phones. Utilizing Windows Mobile 6.5 and new services like Microsoft My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile, HTC Touch 2 smartphone delivers a full touch experience that enables you to do all the things you want on your mobile phone easily. The Touch2 expands HTC’s portfolio of touch-based phones and is focused on delivering an advanced touch experience to a broader group of people.


HTC Touch 2 Smartphone
With the re-designed Internet Explorer Mobile, the HTC Touch 2 accurately displays desktop style internet pages, allowing users to experience content in the way it is meant to be viewed. The HTC Touch 2 smartphone includes a zoom bar for reflowing text to an optimum size. In addition, you can pan and zoom to find and enjoy what you are looking for more easily. Internet Explorer Mobile also supports Adobe Flash, enabling Flash video content, like YouTube, to be viewed easily.


Advanced Smartphone
The HTC Touch2 ensures that everything is at your fingertips in a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand. An advanced smartphone with everything you expect and more, the HTC Touch2 includes a variety of HTC enhancements including TouchFLO, an enhanced user interface that includes integrated weather updates and quick touch access to a variety of the most popular applications. In addition, the Touch2 includes Google Maps for Mobile, YouTube and more.


New Windows Smartphone
As a new Windows phone, the HTC Touch 2 showcases the powerful messaging, browsing and productivity capabilities delivered by Windows Mobile 6.5. Offering a best in class e-mail experience complete with the ability to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange, you have the ability to check and manage multiple e-mail accounts. With a Windows phone you can now easily find and download a wide variety of applications onto the HTC Touch 2 via the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Microsoft’s new My Phone service enables you to automatically back up and synch photos, music, contacts and text messages for free from the HTC Touch 2 to the web.


HTC Touch 2 mobile phone
“The new HTC Touch 2 Smartphone delivers a familiar touch experience that millions of people have come to expect and rely on from HTC in their daily lives,” said Peter Chou, Chief Executive Officer, HTC Corporation. “Whether it’s making a phone call, checking in with a friend or simply responding to an important e-mail, the HTC Touch 2 handset puts you in touch and in control.”


The HTC Touch 2 will initially be available to customers on October 6 with broad availability in a variety of European and Asian markets in early Q4 2009. As soon as we receive a HTC Touch 2 test sample, we will publish a photo gallery with high resolution pictures, followed by an in-depth HTC Touch 2 review.


Friday, August 28, 2009

HTC Touch HD review


Having switched from Windows Mobile to the iPhone nearly one year ago to the day I have been waiting for a device with a similar form factor without all the restrictions and frustrations that an Apple device brings along with it. Sure the iPhone does a fantastic job at making usability simple but with it comes a straight jacketed approach that really frustrates me. Welcome to the HTC Touch HD, can it live up to all the hype, is it really the device that can pull me away from the iPhone 3G and condemn it to my sock draw, read on to find out.

What’s in the box

  • HTC Touch HD
  • 8GB microSDHC card
  • AC Adapter (UK)
  • USB Cable
  • Stereo earphones with mic
  • Pouch Case
  • Battery (1350mAh)
  • Additional Stylus
  • Screen Protector
  • Getting Started CD
  • User Manual CD

    On the outside

    This device screams minimalistic from all angles so don’t expect lots of hardware buttons. On the top we have a 3.5mm headphone socket, not recessed at all and fits all headphones with a 3.5mm jack, nice one HTC about time too. To the left of that we have a simple on/off button and a tiny green led which flashes when you have a missed call etc.

    DSCF0146 DSCF0134

    The bottom has the mini USB charging port, this is not the normal HTC mini USB charging port as on this occasion all it supports is charging and connectivity to a PC etc, no audio headsets or TV Out functionality. Next to this is the small circular opening for the microphone.


    The left hand edge of the phone has one long button however this is a rocker type button for the volume up and down controls. The right edge is totally free of anything but at the lowest point is the access for the stylus, this is similar to the HTC Diamond as it is magnetically drawn into position with a satisfying click when your done. Again when you remove the stylus the device is intelligent enough to know that you need the screen to come on, and come on it does.

    DSCF0159 DSCF0137

    The front of the phone has an ear piece speaker grille at the top centre, to the right of that is the front facing video call camera, under that is a fantastic 3.8″ 800 x 480 screen finished at the bottom with four touch sensitive symbols, I say symbols as they are not physical buttons but when selected give a haptic feedback buzz so you know you have activated them. The symbols are call, home, back and end. Strange omission is illumination of the buttons, you cannot see them in the dark and there is no back lighting at all.


    The rear plate of the device is a two tone black with a raised brushed chrome effect camera lense housing which proudly announces a 5.0 mega pixel auto focus camera.

    Under the cover we have the battery compartment, SIM Card slot and MicroSD card slot. The soft reset button is the small red button.

    DSCF0140 DSCF0142


    Ok we have had a look at the outside what about switching it on. To turn the device on a short press and hold of the top button is required, the unit buzzes and starts to boot up with Smart Mobility and the HTC logo shortly followed by the Windows Mobile 6.1 splash screen, total boot time from an off position is approximately 60 seconds however the first switch on needed some setup and probably took around five minutes with customisations etc for specific carrier data settings and screen calibrations. The first thing that strikes you when TouchFlo 3D appears on the screen with the big clock is just how clear crisp and bright this display is, it really does take you by surprise, it just looks fantastic.

    One of the best features of the phone is the sensitivity of the touch screen. Windows Mobile devices use a resistive touch screen which reacts to pressure where as the iPhone and recent Google Android G1 handsets use capacitive touch screen’s which react to electrical pulses. Because of this normally you need to press much harder on a resistive screen however this pressure has been massively reduced on the Touch HD although it is still a long way from being as easy to use as the iPhone it is a great improvement. Some would argue that resistive is the better technology as it gives you more accurate input and a choice of finger or stylus, its open to debate.

    TouchFlo 3D for those that don’t know is HTC’s overlay on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 that is supposed to make finger navigation easy, does it succeed, until now I would say no, however the large screen and TouchFlo 3D are made for each other, selecting icons, scrolling, flicking, tapping all work perfectly and holding one of the dock icons and moving your finger left to right changes the display in a fluid and consistent way. You can also swipe left to right or right to left across the screen to switch between tabs. One of the original criticism’s of TouchFlo 3D was how deep it went into the Windows Mobile OS or should that be how shallow it went, well that hasn’t changed drastically and go a little way into the OS and again your faced with tiny menus and you struggle to hit a down pointing arrow to open a menu with your finger nail and you have to admit defeat and pull out the stylus, what a shame.

    The TouchFlo 3D includes tabs and finger friendly version screens as below:-

    Home Screens

    Home home 1

    Lovely home screen with flip over clock, call history and up to three appointments shown, the dock is at the bottom of the screen with all the tabs for easy access via touch or pressing down on one of them and dragging left or right.

    People and Messages

    People Messages

    The People tab is where you can add quick dial numbers with pictures, click on a photo and you can easily access options to call, email,SMS, MMS etc. The messaging tab lets you flick through your recent text messages or create new ones.

    Mail and Internet


    The mail tab is very similar to the messaging tab but purely concentrates on email, here you have access to your email inboxes, I have three shown but they have no titles so you have to guess which one is which until you get to know their order, you can create new messages from here and also click individual messages which opens up the standard Windows Mobile Outlook screens. As this is a Windows Mobile device the email integration is top draw with support for full HTML email and if you have an Exchange account, push email, contacts and agenda all work flawlessly. This is where Windows Mobile excels.

    The Internet tab has quick access to the pre-installed Opera 9.5 Browser, YouTube application and favourite bookmarks. The browser works well and renders pages as fast as the iPhones’s Safari browser but I found the interface mainly due to the resistive screen to be harder to use, maybe practice will change my perspective. When your used to pinching and expanding two figures to zoom in and out having to pull up a toolbar and a slider to do the same does not seem as natural to me. The browser although being a newer version than the one seen on the HTC Diamond or the Touch Pro still has no support for Flash.

    Stock, Photos and Video


    The Stock tab shows the latest stock prices which is updated as and when required, obviously aimed at the business sector, not something that interests me. The Photo tab has quick access to your stored photos which again you can flick through with swipe gestures and very light flicks at that. Click a photo to open it, zoom in by drawing a clockwise circle on the screen with your finger and out and again with anti-clockwise motion all works really well.  You can also access the still camera and video camera from this tab.

    Weather and Music


    The Weather tab is stunning on the 3.8″ screen, it updates as soon as you select the tab and the graphical representation of the current climate conditions looks fantastic, due to the resolution of the screen you are now able to see the next four days forecast right underneath, up to seven cities can be set, there is no better weather app for me.

    The music tab is somewhat basic but does show album artwork although somewhat fussily if that is a word but you can setup repeats, shuffles and playlists as well as access the audio boost settings. You can flick through albums by swiping the screen vertically up or down.

    Settings and Programs

    Settings Programs

    The settings tab gives you easy access to various system settings as well as a new option which allows you to change the order and display options of the tabs themselves, a nice addition.

    Programs is a simple but highly ef
    fective launch grid where you can add shortcuts to your most used programs, simply click on a free space and it opens a list of installed programs, select the one you want and it appears on the grid, reminds me of an iPhone home screen and is very usable

    Other additional software over and above the Windows Mobile core worth mentioning is the YouTube application, this like the iPhone gives you access to flash based YouTube videos as the browser cannot handle them. You can search for videos easily as well as look at featured or most watched, a menu allows you to select them based on various different viewing options. Once selected the screen flips to landscape and the video is streamed, works very well over WiFi or HSDPA.

    youtube youtubeset

    Google Maps, no street view as yet but again the screen shows this application in the best possible light, full satellite imagery in glorious 800 x 480 resolution looks simply stunning, GPS seemed to work fine for me without any of the lag problems others are reporting. I also loaded up TomTom and a free map and tested the GPS and all seemed perfectly fine to me, no different from the stand alone version I have and it kept up without any noticeable lag.


    Text entry was my major concern, well HTC have included various onscreen keyboard configurations, Phone Keypad, Compact QWERTY, Full QWERTY, and the usual Windows Mobile Transcriber, Block Recognisers etc. Now these keyboards all serve a function but they are not that great for consistent text entry, the main problem is when you press the key it is hidden along with the keys around it by your finger tip so your never sure you have hit the right key, another problem is the text error correction is very basic compared to other phones I have used and found myself correcting mistakes that the OS should have spotted and been intelligent enough to rectify on the fly.

    image image

    image image

    These are the keyboard screen captures, top left is the Compact QWERTY, top right is the Phone Keypad, bottom left is the Full QWERTY and bottom right is the preferred SPB Keyboard which is actually slightly bigger taking up more space on the screen. As you can see the HTC version highlights the key all around it which is still obscured by your finger where as the SPB version highlights the key above your finger making it easy to see whilst you press the button.

    I have been fortunate enough to be testing out the SPB Keyboard latest version, now imagine the iPhone keyboard where the letters when pressed jump above your finger tip so you can confirm that you have hit the correct key and that’s how this version performs, text entry in this way is as easy as the iPhone’s, a big relief for me. I have also been trying Touchpal and it takes a little getting used too but again is much better than the HTC included options.

    Sound Quality

    Being able to use a 3.5mm set of headphones is a major plus as we no longer have to use stock headphones or buy adaptors and it also gives you the option to try out the device’s sound quality with a good pair, I have a set of Bose in ear headphones and the sound playback through the device was very clear and had a lovely strong bass to it, volume was not the highest even at maximum for me but that is my preference as I love my music loud and always have to up the gain in iTunes before synching to my iPhone so I can get some extra volume. All in all very nice sound quality.

    Video Playback

    The screen on Touch HD should be amazing for watching videos on the go, I tested it with Core Player and a VGA resolution DivX file and it played well without any noticeable stutter, WMV files of higher resolution were not so successful and HD content in WMV format was a non starter, now why is this device called HD? More testing is required here but I am not a big video watcher on the go so I will leave that for others to try out.

    Signal Strength and Call Quality

    Well this is where I was very pleasantly surprised after using the Xperia X1 a few days earlier and being very disappointed with it’s ability to hold a consistent signal and even losing the signal in my home regularly. The HD proved to be more than capable where I live with its patchy signal strength. Not one dropped call, no signal jumping around just a solid 4 bars at all times, great sound quality in a call and switching between 3G and 2.5G areas again no dropped calls, very pleased with this result. The best phone radio signal of any device I have used. The phone application is the standard HTC keypad we have seen before but again we have no proximity sensor so the phone screen switches off during a call so you have to physically switch it on again to check anything during a call.

    Bluetooth connectivity options cover everything I can think of, handsfree and headset profiles, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN and many others, something Android and the iPhone could learn from.


    The camera on the Touch HD is a 5 megapixel camera and should produce great results, again I am no expert when it comes to quality s
    o I have taken a few shots at different light conditions and close ups so you can judge for yourself. Unfortunately no flash so night time shooting is a no go. The camera also shoots video in MPEG4 or H.263 format with unlimited recording as long as you have spare storage.


    IMAG0007 IMAG0001


    Battery Life

    This device has a 1350mAh battery, it’s not that big and that worried me as the screen is so large, now having used it I am not so worried, with the same usage pattern as my iPhone, voice calls, push email and two other half hour automatic Gmail accounts, web browsing etc the Touch HD was much stronger than the iPhone and with casual use I am sure you could manage two days without a charge.


    The HTC Touch HD is without doubt the best Windows Mobile experience I have ever had, the screen is simply stunning, TouchFlo 3D works for what it does, the sensitivity of the screen is excellent and the most sensitive that I have used. The form factor of the device is big but not too big and the build quality is good but it is very plasticy and lacks the quality of the first generation iPhone or the recently reviewed Xperia X1.

    Now to the crunch, the same old problems still remain in my opinion and it’s not HTC’s fault but Microsoft’s. HTC have pushed the boundary’s as far as possible with this device and given Windows Mobile diehards a device that they will no doubt love, but I don’t think it is going to be enough for me. If you want this device as a business phone, the Outlook integration is unmatched on any other platform no question and the telephony is brilliant, but if your after a device to access your media easily then that is a whole different ball game. Windows Mobile just does not do a good enough job at organising and synching your media or allowing easy access to it at this moment in time in my opinion. Compared to the iPhone’s excellent iPod interface with easy one handed usage it is too far ahead for me to consider changing to this device unless a third party application can deliver that experience. From what I have tried third party developers have failed to deliver anything like what Apple have produced either, with the iTunes media synching capabilities and organisation. Sure by choosing Apple over Windows Mobile you lose a lot of features and that is the question you have to answer. Are you a media lover or a power user?

    If you want the freedom that Windows Mobile gives you and can live with the interface then no question you will like this device, in fact I would go as far as to say you will love it. If however you want something that is easier to use but comes with a lot of restrictions then the iPhone may be a better alternative for it’s media prowess, it is for me for now anyway, until Windows Mobile 7 comes out and hopefully delivers the media experience matched to the already great business features with an easy interface, unless of course Microsoft surprise us all and embed the Zune software in the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade, now that would make this decision one to revisit if a ROM upgrade would be available. Final verdict is the HTC Touch HD is a brilliant device let down by the same old Windows Mobile problems, if you can overcome them this is a fantastic device, make no mistake.


    3.8″ 800 x 480 Sensitive screen

    Email and messaging

    Opera Browser

    Form Factor

    5 megapixel Camera

    TouchFlo 3D

    Battery life

    Proper GPS with ability to use turn by turn software


    Access and use of media

    Depth of TouchFlo 3D exposing Windows Mobile non finger friendly interface


    Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

    Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528 MHz

    RAM – 288 MB

    ROM – 512 MB

    3.8-inch (480×800WVGA) TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen

    HSDPA/WCDMA – Europe/Asia: 900/2100 MHz. Up to 2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds.

    Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

    Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g

    Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate and A2DP for wireless stereo headsets

    HTC ExtUSB

    3.5 mm audio jack

    GPS and A-GPS ready

    microSD™ memory card (SDHC capable)

    FM Radio

    Touch sensitive front panel buttons

    5 megapixel colour camera with auto focus.

    Front facing VGA CMOS color camera.

    Rechargeable Lithium-ion or. Lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 1350 mAh

    115 mm x 62.8 mm x 12 mm


    Warranty 2 Years

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