Thursday, September 17, 2009

Asus Monitors T1 Series

Asus Serie T1

Asus today has spectacular new T1 series monitors. Two models of 22 and 24 inches, which feature digital and analog hybrid tuner and FullHD resolution.

Asus T1 Series enters the range of computer monitors so in demand lately. These are teams with great diagonals that will serve us both to use as a computer screen to have a small TV. This feature 1080p resolution and Freeview tuner. Too bad that he has opted for a hybrid analog / digital when the topic of the most practical switch-off would have been giving it dual digital tuner to watch one program while recording another. Even one of them had been in high definition.

T1 Series also includes virtual surround sound through a pair of 7W speakers and an almost total connectivity, two HDMI ports, two Scarts, component input, composite video, S-Video, VGA, RCA and digital audio output S / PDIF .

In its technical specifications can talk 20.000:1 contrast, the response time of 5ms and image enhancement with Splendid Video Intelligence technology.

Asus T1 Series comes with remote control, with rates of 250 and 300 euros respectively.


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