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ASUS Eee PC 1000HE

 Asus Eee 1000HE

Netbook ASUS Eee PC 1000HE is not just a lightweight upgrade from ASUS netbook 1000 series. Powered by Intel Atom N280, although not bring a significant change from the preceding Intel N270.

Increasing the power of use, the 6 cell battery of this asus netbook make very long endurance battery life, can even say netbook that has the the longest battery than the others on the market.

Specifications as follow:

  • Intel Mobile Atom N280 Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 Memory (2GB Maximum)
  • 160GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 10-inch WXVGA (1024 × 600) Wide LCD with 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
  • Intel GMA 950 Integrated Graphics
  • Fast Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Three USB 2.0, VGA, 4-in-1 Card Reader
  • 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″ @ 3.2 lbs.
  • Windows XP Home

In addition, ASUS change keyboard layout by putting among the “shift” in a more easy to reach. Other features is a 802.11n wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. With the abundant and light weight features, Eee PC 1000HE could be a netbook with a relatively cheap price.


Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM

Compaq Presario CQ60 419WM

CQ60-419WM laptop has 15.6-inch with 1366×768 resolutions, equiped with 2.10 GHz AMD Sempron SI-42 Processor and up to 4096MB Ram, the graphic useNVIDIA GeForce 8200M with Up to 1407MB memory, the storage media will have 160GB hard-drive.

Other features found on this laptop as follow:

  • SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW Double Layer
  • WiFi 802.11b/g Connectivity
  • Altec Lansing audio
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit)

If you are interested with this Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM, Walmart has announce limited promotions with a good deal at only $289.


Pioneer SE-CLX50

Pioneer SE CLX50

Pioneer has already made official launch of its new headphone, the Pioneer SE-CLX50 distinguished by their shell-type Flex Nozzle flexible thanks to the design of the headphones fit in the ear hole, thus avoiding the loss of sound.

Headphones Pioneer SE-CLX50 adapters also carry four sizes that adaptation is as much as possible. It depends on the sound and not lose the use of them is comfortable. So too we will not have to raise the volume to achieve the same result.

The frequency response of these headphones from Pioneer is 5 to 24,000 Hz. The price of the SE-CLX50 eartags is 60 euros.


Maingear's eX-L 18

You know, this whole "most powerful laptop" game is pretty hilarious. Back in '05, CompAmerica's (who?) Orca 9098 held the title with a cutting-edge 3.8GHz Pentium 4, and over the years, we've watched outfit after outfit pull the award back and forth, much like those tugging games we used to play as tots. Regardless, it seems as if Maingear's down for the fun, today rolling out the planet's all new "world's most powerful gaming laptop" in the eX-L 18, which arrives with an undisclosed Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme processor, twin NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPUs, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, up to three 2.5-inch SATA or SSD drives, an optional Blu-ray drive and a screen that's probably larger than your mother's desktop LCD. And by that, we mean 18.4-inches with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. If you're down with lugging around this beast, you can get one headed your way provided you've got at least $2,999 you're willing to see off.


MAINGEAR Unveils the World's Most Powerful Gaming Notebook

eX-L 18 laptop delivers unprecedented performance with Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPUs with NVIDIA SLI technology, GPU Computing with NVIDIA CUDA, 1080p HD resolution support and an Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU


Union, New Jersey – July 23, 2009 – MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of high performance custom computers for PC gamers and enthusiasts, is proud to announce the world's most powerful desktop replacement notebook, the eX-L 18. Featuring dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M graphics processing units (GPUs) with NVIDIA SLI technology, the eX-L 18 brings your games and multimedia to life with brilliant 3D graphics and movies in 1080p HD resolution. With powerful Intel Core 2 mobile processors, eX-L 18 delivers breakthrough multi-core performance and dual-channel DDR3 memory.

"MainGear has equipped the eX-L 18 with the world's fastest notebook graphics solution," said Rene Hass, General Manager of the notebook business unit at NVIDIA. "With NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPUs, MainGear's customers will experience breathtaking in gaming physics from titles such as Terminator Salvation or Darkest of Days and are ready for GPU computing applications such as Badaboom, vReveal and Arcsoft SimHD."

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280M GPUs are the fastest GeForce notebook GPUs ever. Built-in support for NVIDIA® PhysX™ technology enables a new world of ultra realistic gaming effects from lifelike explosions to natural water. Stay on top of your game with the highest performance using the latest notebook drivers direct from When you're not gaming, NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology offers breakthrough performance in compute-intensive tasks like video transcoding and photo editing, delivering up to 10x faster performance compared to traditional CPUs. Watch high-definition videos come alive with sharp images and vibrant colors supported by NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology, which enables extended battery life so you never miss a scene.

The eX-L 18 is chock full of expansion potential, with up to 3 2.5" SATA or SSD drives configurable in RAID formations. eSATA, HDMI, USB 2.0, and FireWire ensure that you can use the eX-L 18 just

like you would a desktop and without compromise. Additional features include a 3 Megapixel video camera provides high definition video conferencing, and a full sized keyboard with a number pad, and programmable gaming buttons.

"With the increasing demand for mobile high performance computing solutions, we wanted to offer our customers with the most powerful gaming desktop replacement possible" said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. "With the co-processing power of the Intel Core 2 CPU and dual NVIDIA GPUs , you're able to get the same cutting edge technology available to desktop users in a balanced computing configuration that is ideal for today's GPU computing environment ."

The eX-L 18 also features MAINGEAR's M.A.R.C. custom laser etching technology. Customers can upload the image or logo of their choice and MAINGEAR will customize your notebook to specifically fit your personal style or corporate brand.

Consumers can purchase the MAINGEAR eX-L 18 at MAINGEAR's Web site or order by phone at (888-MAINGEAR). The base price $2,999. eX-L 18 comes standard with MAINGEAR's standard 14 month warranty and is backed by the best in-house support team


Nuvifone G60

Garmin-Asus confirms nuvifone G60 for sale this month in Taiwan, M20 soon after

Is this really happening? Are we all collectively in some sort of lucid, dreamlike state where Garmin-branded cellphones flow like water, or is this the real deal? Correct us if we're wrong, readers -- but if we're reading this press release correctly, Taiwanese folks will have a crack at Garmin-Asus' nuvifone G60 come the 27th of this month, just a few days from now; Singapore and Malaysia will have theirs meanwhile by the end of August, and Europe and the US are "on schedule" for the second half of the year (we hesitate to associate the phrase "on schedule" with this product, but we'll let it slide this time). If WinMo is more your cup of tea, the M20 will be coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia in August as expected -- the US isn't on the roadmap for this one, but Europe should have it later this half. These phones have taken so long to arrive that they'll be fighting an uphill battle against irrelevance -- but with the reality that handsets will be all but replacing dedicated portable nav units in the coming years, it's a play that Garmin's gotta still be eager to make nonetheless.


HP Mini 5101

HP Mini 5101 netbook approved for use by mini executives

The Mini 5101, or Mini Executive as HP would have it, is now available to purchase, with prices starting at $399.99. While still a netbook at heart, the 5101 has an impressive array of accoutrements: aluminum and magnesium shell for lightweight (2.64 lbs) sturdiness, flat chiclet keyboard, 10.1-inch LED-backlit display, and at an extra cost, 128GB SSD and 1366 x 768 resolution upgrade options. The build quality and keyboard got high marks from us when we handled the machine back in June, and now a couple of online scribes have put together timely in-depth reviews of the device. They share the impression that HP has a strong business product on its hands, highlighted by a class-leading WiFi signal of 37.7 Mbps at 15 feet, though they were also concerned that neither pricing nor battery life (between 5 and 7 hours) are the best available. Hit up the read links for all the delectable details.
[Thanks, Knifex4]
Read - HP product page
Read - Laptop Mag review
Read - PC Mag review


SteelSeries Gaming mouse

After the extravagant aesthetics of the World of Warcraft-branded mouse, SteelSeries has returned to its roots with a pair of ambidextrous high-definition mice. The laser-powered Xai grabs the major price tag of just under $80, and in exchange offers a 10.8-megapixels per second sensor, up to 5,001 CPI, and a design engineered in accordance with the whims of professional gamers. Most intriguing is the built-in LCD menu system, where you can fully configure the mouse and then store those settings within the peripheral itself, making for a consistent experience across multiple computers. The Kinzu is the slightly smaller, LCD-deprived optical brother of the Xai, and will set you back a more conservative $34.99 when the two mice, alongside a freshly polished new gaming surface, become available in August.


Samsung Tegra-based smartphone

NVIDIA's Tegra chip has shown itself to be quite a gem, especially in the field of augmented reality zombie destruction. Looks like Samsung agrees with that sentiment, and has confirmed that it's currently developing a smartphone with the powerful processor. That's not a lot to go on, but knowing the capabilities of the CPU, we're excited. It's probably safe to assume an AMOLED touchscreen is a given, as well as a plethora of TouchWiz widgets, but whether or not the phone goes with Windows Mobile or Android is still a mystery. A recent rumor suggested one of the "top five" smartphone makers would be releasing a $199 GSM-based Tegra device by year's end -- no indication if these two reports are one in the same, but we'd love to see what Sammy has in store sooner rather than later


Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch

Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch

Garmin has launch the Garmin FR60, this is a fitness watch plus workout tool which enable to tracks your heart rate and calories burned.

This garmin featured with the advanced training tools included training alarms and “Virtual Partner” that lets you race against a virtual training partner, good to improve your performance.

The gadget can be used in conjunction with the bundled heart rate monitor and optional ANT+ compatible wireless foot pod. All your data also can be transfered to your PC or Mac trough the wireless and share theme to the community.

There will be available in different colour options and size for men’s and women’s. The men’s model, comes in black and red+balck wiht the weight 1.6 ounces. The other part women’s model, comes in black and lilac, at 1.4 ounces of weight.

The Garmin FR60 should already available on the market with the expected price £130.


Dell Studio 14z hits the review bench

While ASUS is busy adding an optical drive to its Eee PC line, Dell is diving into the low-priced, optical-free, thin-and-light category with its new Studio 14z portable. The folks at Laptop Mag have taken the new laptop for a spin, and seem to like what they see. While its 4.4 pound weight isn't quite best in class, the 14z outperforms most of its brethren thanks to GeForce 9400M graphics and a "real" Core 2 Duo processor -- none of that weak sauce CULV stuff. The battery life isn't bad either, and for $750 it's easy on the wallet. You just have to ask yourself: can you live without instant access on-the-go to your limited edition set of Billy Joel hits on Compact Disc?


Ricoh GR

Ricoh GR Digital III continues 28mm-equivalent, high-priced lineage

Having given its GR Digital II camera more than a year on the market, Ricoh has seen fit to now upgrade that model by latching on another digit and what it claims to be the "greatest ever GR image quality." It wouldn't be much of a step forward if that wasn't the case, but let's see what else the Japanese company hopes to tempt us with. The wide-angle 28 mm/F1.9 GR Lens is all new, while the high-sensitivity 10-megapixel CCD and the GR Engine III image processor are likely evolutionary steps from the previous generation. Collectively, they promise improvements in all the areas you'd expect: faster focus, less noise and better low light images. There's also a 3-inch 920,000-dot VGA display, video recording at 640 x 480 / 30 fps, SDHC expandability and a complete lack of optical zoom. The veracity of Ricoh's claims can be tested from mid-August in the UK in exchange for £530 ($870), while the full press release and specs are already available at the read link below.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delete all the TEMP files from the PC

Why do you guys waist so much time with that, you can program it so you don"t have to do it yourself ( actualy that's the basis of programing their ! )
Here you go as an example :

Code:Select all
del /Q "C:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Local settings\Temp\*"
del /Q "C:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Local settings\Temporary Internet Files\*"
del /Q "C:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Recent\*"
del /Q "C:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Cookies\marcool@*"
del /Q "C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\*"
del /Q "C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\*"
del /Q "C:\WINDOWS\$NTUninstall*\*"
rmdir /Q "C:\WINDOWS\$NTUninstall*\*"

That will delete all the TEMP files from the PC and get ride of the Prefetch and so on. Just copy/Paste into a notepad and save as somthing like "NAME.bat" then double click to perform actions.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dell Adamo gets $500

After no small amount of external pressure, Dell has finally managed to do some major damage on the Adamo's number one drawback: the price. The starting mark for the 1.2GHz machine has been slashed from $1,999 to $1,499, while the high-end model with SSD and a 1.4GHz processor is down to $2,299. Still not in the same general galaxy as most consumer-aimed Dell products, but quite a lot closer to the realm of possibility.
[Via LogicBUY]


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LG GM730



Expected Q3 2009

We first saw the LG GM730 back in February and now after a long wait, LG have finally given some more details about this upcoming Windows smartphone.

It's worth noting

that the design has changed a little since the first time we saw it, and annoyingly LG still haven't confirmed all the GM730's technical details.

LG's announcement at the CommunicAsia event in Singapore indicates that the GM730 should be available in Asian markets in July, followed by the rest of the world afterwards. Inspired by Apple, LG too are launching an "application store" for their smartphone range, where users can download and buy add-on software.

The GM730 has been designed to be easy to use - the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system has been enhanced with LG's S-Class user interface to make it easier. There are a number of other smaller enhancements to the software on the GM730 as well, but we do feel that all the customisations come at the expense of the standard look-and-feel that you should be able to get with a Windows Mobile device.

Apart from the colours available, LG haven't given any more updates on the GM730's hardware. We know that it has a 3.0" 240 x 400 pixel touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics, a multimedia player, GPS and WiFi. The GM730 will be available in Black, Lime and Pale Pink colour schemes. We don't know for certain if the GM730 takes microSD cards, but we assume that it does.

Measuring 110 x 57 x 13mm, the LG GM730 is quite a lot more compact than the rival Apple iPhone 3G S (for example). Underneath, this is a quad-band GSM mobile phone with dual-band UMTS 900 / 2100 and 3.5G data support. Maximum download speeds on HSDPA are 7.2 Mbps with maximum HSUPA upload speeds of 2.0 Mbps, and as we mentioned earlier.. the GM730 also has WiFi.

So, the GM730 seems to fit in a very small market niche - aimed at people who want a relatively compact Windows smartphone, but who want a friendlier interface on top. But ultimately, there doesn't seem to be an awful lot to make the GM730 stand out from the crowd.


Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO


Samsung are not quite the standard-setter in communicator devices but are obviously keen to have their say. Playing catch up seems well in order for a debut but we guess someone here is set to play for keeps. The Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO is a generously spec'd device that's poised to tackle the best in the class and even raise the bet. While sheer size and scope confine it to a niche, the Samsung communicator might be just the right option for those served by that niche.

 gsmarena_002 gsmarena_004    

Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro official photos

Having acquired a pre-release sample of the side-slider PocketPC we are squeezing in a short preview, introducing its most important features. The chunky bloke does give a decent first impression, but handling will be the ultimate test. For starters, let's look at the key items on the Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO's balance sheet.

Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO at a glance:
  • General: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz, HSDPA 3.6Mbps
  • Form factor: Full QWERTY side-slider
  • Dimensions: 112.6 x 57.8 x 16.2 mm, 159g
  • Display: 3.5" 65K-color resistive AMOLED touchscreen of WVGA resolution
  • OS: Windows Mobile 6.1 (upgradable to 6.5), TouchWiz 2.0 UI
  • Memory: 1GB built-in storage, 256 MB RAM, hot-swappable microSD (up to 16GB)
  • CPU: 800 MHz processor with dedicated graphics accelerator
  • Camera: 5 megapixel auto-focus, with dual LED flash and VGA video at 30 fps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, standard microUSB port, GPS receiver with A-GPS, TV out, 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • Misc: Accelerometer for screen auto rotate and turn-to-mute, FM radio with RDS, DivX/XviD video support, work and leisure modes
  • Battery: 1500mAh Li-Ion battery

Samsung are obviously eyeing market penetration at all levels. The B7610 OmniaPRO is their scout in a long colonized territory. HTC.are clearly the key target, though the communicator game is competitive enough with XPERIA, Nseries and Eseries all keen to take the lead.


Kingston 256GB

Kingston today quietly set a record in the storage world by launching the DataTraveler 300, the world's first stick-sized 256GB USB drive. It holds twice the storage of recent record setters from Super Talent and others, and in some cases allows holding as much content as a notebook hard drive; about 10 single-layer Blu-ray movies should fit, Kingston says. It's also relatively quick with 20MB per second peak read speeds and 10MB write speeds.

The capacity is recognized by both Macs and Windows PCs, though only the latter get special password protection software that can lock down information on up to 90 percent of the drive. Kingston is currently only offering the DataTraveler 300 in the UK, where it costs the equivalent of about $900, but should eventually bring it to the US.


Gateway launches $300 LT netbook

Gateway this morning extended its LT series to include its first Intel-based netbook. The LT2000 opts for familiar specifications with a 10-inch display, 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive, most of which help bring down the price significantly from the faster, larger LT3100. It does inherit the more expensive system's multi-touch trackpad to scroll using circular motions or to swipe through documents using two fingers.

The portable is outfitted with a webcam and a card reader but has a 3-cell battery that lasts for a strictly typical 3 hours of battery life. Gateway will sell the LT2000 in stores later today and is counting on price as a selling point, with black and red versions both selling for $300.


HP ProBook 4310s

HP has recently made the highly-configurable 13.3-inch ProBook 4310s available for purchase via its webstore. The LED-backlit display itself can be had in a standard 1366x768 or ultra-bright 1366x768 resolution, and there are six processor choices, ranging from a 1.8GHz Intel Celeron dual-core CPU to a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

For graphics, standard issue is an integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD GPU while ATI's Radeon HD 4330 with 512MB of dedicated VRAM is optional. There is both a VGA and HDMI output for connecting to external displays, and RAM can be had in 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or 4GB capacities. Those who opt for a processor that requires the PM45 or GM45 chipsets can get as much as 8GB of RAM.
The business-oriented notebook can also be had with 160GB, 250GB, 320GB or 500GB hard drives, with the preloaded operating systems being a range of Windows Vista, including the option to downgrade to XP. A DVD burner is an optional, with a Blu-ray drive available on the GM45-based 4310s notebooks.
All models get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and there is an optional EVDO/HSPA broadband module. For security, there is an optional fingerprint scanner, while an optional 2-megapixel webcam lets users videoconference. A standard 4-cell battery is said to provide 5 hours and 15 minutes of life, while an optional 8-cell Lithium-ion battery provides 7 hours of life.
Pricing for the 4310s starts at $779.


URC MX-5000 universal remote


URC has rolled out some pretty impressive remotes in its day, and it looks like it now has another claim to fame with what appears to be the first universal remote control with haptic feedback. That comes in the form of the company's new MX-5000 remote (pictured above with the touchscreen-centered MX-6000), which has a 2.7-inch touchscreen that URC says provides a "'very satisfying sensation" when you press one of the onscreen buttons. Otherwise, you can expect it to pack built-in WiFi, narrowband RF and IR to let you control just about anything you can throw at it, along with an included base station to accommodate various IR and RS-232 components and, of course, a built-in rechargeable battery and charging base. No word on a price just yet, but URC says the MSRP will be "less than $1,500." Yes, fifteen hundred dollars.

[Via Engadget]


Shure Brings three Headsets

Shure has released a new line of professional headphones designed specifically for professional and amateur recording, consisting of the SRH840, SRH440 and SRH240. The line uses the same technology as Shure's in-ear buds but for an externaldesign suited to studio monitors or home theaters. The SRH840 features the highest quality sound in the line and a single-piece headband. The SRH840 and the SRH440 both have collapsible designs to render them portable.

The SRH440 is tuned to DJ mixers, mixing consoles, and headphone amps while the SRH240 is calibrated to better support devices with low-power amps, such as iPods and other portable media players. The new line of headphones should be available from the Shure online store. The SRH840, SRH440, and SRH240 cost $200, $100 and $60, respectively.





NVIDIA GTX 285 on an 8-core Mac Pro

companion photo for Review: NVIDIA GTX 285 on an 8-core Mac Pro

Real graphics card competition on the Mac is not something that Apple users are accustomed to hearing about, but with the Radeon 4870 and now the NVIDIA GTX 285 available for the Mac Pro, it looks like we've got just that. While Mac gaming may not be any more viable than it was a few years ago, the ability to dual-boot Windows has been a huge win for those wanting high-end PC gaming without having to put another box next to their work Mac. With Core Image, CUDA, Snow Leopard and OpenCL just around the corner, a good GPU is becoming more and more of a mainstream need, and the Geforce GTX 285 looks like it has power to spare.

In this short review, we take a look at what the Geforce GTX 285 can do under both Windows and OS X. We even include some Windows gaming benchmarks, though our main focus here is on investigating the GTX 285's suitability for professional 3D rendering on the Mac.


HTC Will Focus on Bothe Android and Windows Mobile

HTC loves both Android and Windows Mobile, will focus on both

As you may already know, HTC announced three new Android phones this year: HTC Dream (the non-T-Mobile version of G1), HTC Magic and HTC Hero.

The Taiwanese company has also introduced three Windows Mobile phones: HTC Touch Diamond2, HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Snap.

Now, judging by the way Android was received around the world, one may think that HTC will soon concentrate more on Google’s open source OS than on Microsoft’s WM.

But this will not happen – at least not in the near future.

According to Mobile News CWP, Jon French, country manager at HTC UK and Ireland, said that the company will equally focus on both platforms, as they are targeted at different types of consumers.

htc-hero-htc diamond2

(HTC Hero vs. HTC Touch Diamond2)

“We’ll be releasing more devices across both platforms until the end of the year. We’ll certainly move forward on the Android side but we’d be fools to just through away our heritage in being a leader of Windows Mobile devices,” said Mr. French.

Well, now all we can do is to wait and see how many Android and how many Windows Mobile devices will HTC release by the year’s end.


HTC Omni

HTC Omni pics and specs

The rumors about the upcoming HTC Omni communicator have been flying around the Web for a few months now. And from some leaked details and specs, HTC Omni sounded like a very interesting mobile gadget.

Well, it looks that they were true. Today we’ve got our hands on what appears to be genuine HTC 2007 roadmap presentation with some rendered pictures and more detailed specs for HTC Omni. And we are impressed.


HTC Omni does not have it’s designated number yet and is planned to be launched this October.

HTC Omni specs that we know about today are:

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
  • UMTS/HSDPA connectivity
  • WVGA 4″ 800×480 px display, subdisplay
  • TV and VGA out
  • 256 ROM, 1280 RAM and microSD memory card slot
  • Wi-Fi b/g, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Dimensions: 130 x 81 x16 mm


HTC Leo (Rumor)
Photo: The HTC Leo might look like this HTC Omni concept

Over the week-end, a leaked HTC ROM was said to contain clues that would indicate the existence of an HTC Leo handset, which would be a clamshell qwerty device with a WVGA touch display (800x480). It would run on a SnapDragon "system on a chip" (SoC) from Qualcomm that is said to support Open GL ES 2.0 (like the iPhone 3GS). That sounds somewhat like the HTC Omni (in the image above) that never came out. As long as it also have a virtual qwerty keyboard, we're happy


BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac – officially out in September

Research in Motion has just announced that BlackBerry Desktop Software (aka BlackBerry Desktop Manager) will be available for Mac OS starting September this year.

The initial release will include features like: iTunes playlists, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes syncing; device updates; backup/restore devices; add/remove applications; multiple devices managing.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager will be compatible with Mac OS 10.5.5 and above.

Some screenshots of BlackBerry Desktop Software running on Mac can be seen below:

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac iTunes

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac 2

Mac users can sign up on the official BlackBerry website in order to be notified when exactly BlackBerry Desktop Manager will be available for them.

Via the Official BlackBerry Blog


Ubisoft gaming portal on Facebook

Ubisoft recently launched a new Facebook gaming portal, dubbed the "UbiFriends Portal." Kicking off the casual game hub with TickTock, the French publisher is apparently jumping headfirst into the social gaming arena. Players try and guess which status messages comply with a variety of their friends, and they can send "bombs" to their friends which can then be defused by answering questions.
No word yet on what's next for the extremely casual gaming portal, though a bettin' man might put his money on something of the Petz variety. Not that we're bettin' men. No sir.


Rolex phone A699

Rolex phone A699, comes from Shenzhen China

Not all people can afford a Rolex watch. But, come on, don’t be so sad if you are unfortunately one among those that can’t afford a Rolex watch (me too), at least we can afford a Rolex phone! Though this Rolex phone, which is named as Rolex A699, is not made by the Switzerland Rolex, but by a China Shanzhai phone maker. Look at the pictures. not bad, isn’t it? The Shanzhai maker is not going to cheat us, Rolex logo clearly seen on the phone, and there’s even a watch on lid. Besides, this phone offers a 2.6 inch display, dual sim, FM radio. The price is 690 Yuan (about $101).



Xbox Live update

MS opens Xbox Live update preview program

Would you like to be one of the movers and shakers to get the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update before all the filthy, "regular" people? If so, you'll be happy to know that Major Nelson has just announced an Xbox Live Update preview program. Microsoft ran a similar program prior to the NXE, which allowed lots of gamers everywhere the chance to see all the fabulous updates early.
The new update includes plenty of cool new features, including Games on Demand Movie Parties for Netflix and Avatar Awardables, so we know you want in. To register, simply head over to Microsoft Connect, sign in with the Live ID connected to your Gamertag and then fill out the "Xbox LIVE Update Preview Sign Up" survey. The program is open to both Silver and Gold Xbox Live members, though Major Nelson notes that preference will be given to Gold members. If you make it into the program -- MS is accepting "multiple thousands" of participants -- you should be contacted in about a week.
Good luck!



Motorola Ivory E18. A luxury phone

Motorola Aura luxury phone has caused quite a lively discussion on the interwebs when it came out.

Not sure how much of that transferred into sales – it is a mighty expensive handset with limited market – but overall reaction was very positive.

And Aura wasn’t the only product with interesting design that Motorola was prepping for Luxury/Superluxury market at the time.

The other phone it had in the works was  Motorola Ivory E18.

The cheapest one of them, with a stainless steel chassis was set to sell for about $2K Euro. There were also phones with Gold and Platinum chassis planned, with the platinum one going for several tens of thousands of Euro’s.

Motorola Ivory E18

Motorola Ivory also had an unusual dual slider design – slide a bit and function keys appear, slide a bit more and you have a full T9 keypad.

Other then the unusual narrow luxury design and dual slider, it was a pretty plain feature phone with 3 megapixel camera and other specs similar to Moto Aura.

Alas, even if you like it and have some serious cash to spare, you won’t be able to buy Motorola Ivory anytime soon . It was cancelled due to the lack of interest from operators


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Averatec D1005 new all-in-one PC

Averatec have announced a new all-in-one PC, the D1005, which couples a 22-inch widescreen LCD with an Intel Core 2 Duo E5200 2.5GHz processor and 3GB of RAM.  The Averatec D1005 is a step up from the company’s usual nettop-style desktops, with a 320GB hard-drive and a slot-loading DVD burner.

Averatec D1005 01 540x475

There’s also WiFi b/g/n and Intel X4500HD graphics, driving the WXGA display together with outputting via a DVI port.  Other connectivity includes six USB 2.0 ports, gigabit ethernet, audio in/out/headphones and a multi-format card reader.  Averatec also throw in a digital audio out port.

Also in the bundle is a wired USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse, while a 2.0-megapixel webcam lurks above the display.  The whole thing runs Windows Vista Home Premium.  The Averatec D1005 22-inch All-In-One PC is available to order now, with an MRSP of $799.99.

Averatec D1005 01 150x100 Averatec D1005 02 150x100  Averatec D1005 04 150x100

Press Release:

New Averatec 22-inch AIO is Space-Saver

SANTA ANA, Calif., July 17, 2009 — TriGem USA today announced the Averatec 22-inch D1005 all-in-one (AIO) computer, rounding out the company’s lineup of powerful all-in-one PCs. With an MSRP of $799, the D1005 is an ideal system for business or home users and college-bound students who need a PC with full functionality while enjoying the benefits of a space-saving design.

“Our latest offering was designed with the college student and business professional in mind,” said Henry Hewitt, vice president of sales at TriGem USA. “Its sleek design and small footprint makes it an attractive system to sit on top of your desk without taking up a lot of space. As people downsize their office space and college students head back to the dorm, saving valuable desktop real estate is top of mind.
“In addition, its ability to serve as a multimedia center makes it a great choice for those looking for a PC that can do ‘double duty.’ Its powerful dual-core processor, ability to play video at true 1080p resolution, and built-in megapixel webcam combines all the applications consumers are demanding these days.”
The new 22-inch Averatec D1005 AIO features a 2.5GHz Intel Pentium dual-core E5200 processor, 320GB hard drive, 3GB of memory, Microsoft Vista Home Premium and a full-size USB keyboard and mouse.
TriGem USA has become known for its space-saving AIO designs with recent launches of the 25.5-inch D1205 and the 18-inch D1133 AIO computers. Hewitt noted that Averatec gauges consumer demand very closely to ensure that design features are incorporated into future AIOs.
“We are evolving into a multi-tasking society, demanding more of technology to address everyday necessities. For this reason, TriGem has incorporated powerful features into its AIO designs which enables consumers to place their systems in any location where daily PC use is desired by a family, student or small business.”
The Averatec D1005 is a versatile computer that can be used for everyday Web browsing, social networking, home and business software applications and games, plus users can enjoy viewing YouTube videos and other on-line or streaming video entertainment. The system features built-in WLAN wireless 802.11n networking as well as wired 10/100/1000 Mb/s network connectivity.
The D1005 is available for purchase at Best,, and
TriGem’s products are backed by a one-year limited warranty and one-year of technical support available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.



Duros Tablet 8404 Gets Atom

If you've found yourself computing more and more outside, you've probably also found yourself struggling to really see what's going on. Most notebook displays, particularly those of the glossy variety, are nearly impossible to see when in direct sunlight, and that's exactly why Duros is adding a daylight-readable panel to its refreshed 8404 rugged tablet.
The device, which is also being revamped with an Intel Atom processor, now boasts an 8.4" sunlight-viewable SVGA touchscreen, a solid-aluminum chassis and non-rotating compact flash drive. More specifically, the LED sunlight-viewable display achieves brightness of 1,100 nit and a 120-degree viewing angle. Granted, the 8404 is primarily designed for outdoor applications in the workplace, but if your own business takes you to the great outdoors, it may be a solid option. There's no mention of a price for new device, but with luxuries such as a hot-swappable battery, we expect it to set you back a noticeable amount.


LG XF1 Hard Drive

LG XF1 Ho Hum Multimedia Hard Drive

For a portable home theater, an aesthetically pleasing form factor is as important as versatile format support. What we have here is LG's first mobile multimedia hard drive - XF1. Measuring a 20.8mm in thickness, the XF1 features a gorgeous gloss-black finish with smooth curves, and internally, it has a 500GB and a codec decoder that only reads exclusively FAT32 and NTFS. So, it's not as Mac-friendly as we would have hoped.

Around the back, you'll find a HDMI connector, a power plug, a composite AV output, and a mini-USB jack. The drive, unlike the WD TV HD, has on-onboard touch-sensitive buttons for navigation when you forget to bring along a remote. Video and sound codec compatibility are isn't too shabby, including OGG Vobis and AC3 for audio, but the lack of H.264, WMV and MKV is really a letdown even if the XF1 can playback MPEG-2, DivX and MPEG-4 in HD resolutions, up to 1080i. With choice like LaCie Rugged HD, LG will be fighting an uphill battle if they don't rectify their mistake.


Mini DisplayPort LCDs

Collins claims new Mini DisplayPort LCDs, tuner

 Collins America today revamped its yet-to-be-released CinemaView displays built for newer Macs with Mini DisplayPort connectors as well as a TV add-on. The new display line is overall larger and will start with the 24-inch model; as before, the CinemaView 24 will bear similarity to Apple's LED Cinema Display but produce a 1080p resolution. The new screen moves from three to four USB ports and now has a 2ms pixel response time and a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio. Its pricing hasn't changed at $499, but its launch has been moved back two months to October.

Completely new to the display lineup is the CinemaView 47, a crossover TV and PC display. It produces the same resolution as the dedicated computer display but at its namesake larger size while still using just Mini DisplayPort for input. Four USB ports are also built in to the set, which has a slightly slower 4ms pixel response but a 4,000:1 contrast ratio. It won't ship until January and should cost $1,499 when it arrives.
The tuner, known as the CinemaView TV, carries dual cable HDTV tuners and outputs to HDMI and Mini DisplayPort to provide either Apple or Collins displays with TV, including picture-in-picture. It also takes in video from as many as four separate HDMI sources, Mini DisplayPort, component or RCA. It will come with an RF remote and is scheduled to appear in January for $399.
When contacted by Electronista regarding the sudden change in its lineup, Collins said that it was dropping the 19-inch model as 80 percent of its pre-orders were for the larger computer display and that it was too small to afford a low-selling display and also focus on its January launches at the same time. It added that the CinemaView 24's delay was due to a number of design adjustments, such as improving the ease of swapping in the optional VESA mount.



"Rules" for Windows 7 Upgrades

Technophiles like ourselves who are also frugal have, in the past, purchased upgrade editions of Windows, and been able to do a clean, fresh install either by entering a prior valid license key or inserting a CD for the older software at install time. That went away with Vista, which required a hacky workaround, but now Microsoft is completely shutting down even that methodology, for Windows 7.

Why the big deal about a being able to do a clean, fresh install with an Upgrade edition? If you install an upgrade on top of an well-used copy of Windows, you've got all that leftover dross on your hard drive. Typically, extra crappy drivers and unneeded files are left behind, using up drive space, but also possibly destabilizing the system.

We realize many will take this route anyway, simply because you won't have to reinstall all your programs and drivers in that case. Not us, though.

Without a way to this, the only way to get a "relatively" clean install is to install an older OS (say Vista) cleanly, then install 7 on top of it. That will pretty much minimize any extra garbage on the system.

An alternative, and perhaps even cleaner, would be to install the Windows 7 RC first. That requires a fresh install, anyway. Then you can install the Windows 7 release on top of the RC.

Technically, however, this isn't an upgrade. Microsoft calls this a custom installation. Your existing operating system, programs and data are placed in a folder labeled WINDOWS.OLD. You'll have to reinstall any programs in place, however, which is why it's not really an upgrade.
Still, if you want a clean install that won't contain any remnants of Vista, it's the cleanest you can do. At that point, we'd take a snapshot of the disk, using something like Acronis' True Image, and then if we ever need to restore a clean copy of Windows 7, we've got it on hand.

Oh, and for those who might ask why anyone should complain about having to install an old OS, since after all the consumer bought an upgrade copy, the reason is not just the hassle of having to install the older OS, but also the fact that the end user has to keep around the install media and all the license info as well. What a hassle.
Yes, we realize we could buy a full, not upgrade copy, but really, we've been "supporting" Microsoft for years and don't see why we have to go through the extra expense, aside from adding to Microsoft's bottom line, that is.
Caveat: there is, of course, always a chance that Microsoft will modify the upgrade process; October is a ways away.  However, once the RTM build is seeded, that will be it



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