Friday, July 17, 2009

Sony's Vaio P

Revamped Sony Vaio P coming in October 0

Sony's Vaio P series, released back in February, combined a netbook concept with a wider, thinner design. It didn't go down terribly well with reviewers, who cited its high price and slow boot for particular criticism.
However, the company seems to have learnt from that and has told Tech Radar that although the original model hasn't sold very well, it's bringing out a new range of Vaio Ps in October or November.
There's not much more detail than that, except that the company has promised to improve the boot times of the machine considerably. We're sure that more will be revealed soon, and we'll bring you any updates as they arrive. For now, start saving your pennies, because like its older brother, it's not going to be cheap


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