Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Motorola Ivory E18. A luxury phone

Motorola Aura luxury phone has caused quite a lively discussion on the interwebs when it came out.

Not sure how much of that transferred into sales – it is a mighty expensive handset with limited market – but overall reaction was very positive.

And Aura wasn’t the only product with interesting design that Motorola was prepping for Luxury/Superluxury market at the time.

The other phone it had in the works was  Motorola Ivory E18.

The cheapest one of them, with a stainless steel chassis was set to sell for about $2K Euro. There were also phones with Gold and Platinum chassis planned, with the platinum one going for several tens of thousands of Euro’s.

Motorola Ivory E18

Motorola Ivory also had an unusual dual slider design – slide a bit and function keys appear, slide a bit more and you have a full T9 keypad.

Other then the unusual narrow luxury design and dual slider, it was a pretty plain feature phone with 3 megapixel camera and other specs similar to Moto Aura.

Alas, even if you like it and have some serious cash to spare, you won’t be able to buy Motorola Ivory anytime soon . It was cancelled due to the lack of interest from operators


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