Friday, July 17, 2009

Archos New PMPs

archos-clipper-vision-range-pmps-1 Archos has introduced a new range of portable media players under the "Vision" sub-brand, that it says offers the "best price and quality mix".
The new range of PMPs offers screens up to 3-inches in size, with 4-inch and 7-inch screen models planned for an autumn launch.
First off is the Archos "Clipper", described as an "ultra-mini" MP3 player, weighing in at 20 grams, aimed at the gym and jog markets.
The Clipper is designed for music and podcasts and launches with the claims of being able to store over 1000 MP3 or WMA encoded songs or 60 hours of music with 2GB of storage capacity.
The Archos 2 Vision, an "all in one affordable credit card size device", gets a 2-inch colour touch display and scrolling abilities with the flick of a finger.

archos-clipper-vision-range-pmps-2 archos-clipper-vision-range-pmps-3
As well as MP3, WMA and WAV music playback, it can display lyric and photo viewing, boasts an FM tuner and a mic for voice recordings.
With 8GB of storage, Archos says the 2 Vision is good for 4000 songs while a micro-SD card slot expands the memory.
Next up is the Archos 3 Vision, a "full featured, affordable" player with a 3-inch touchscreen, 8GB capacity, 14-hours battery life and comes with a composite cable for TV hook-up.
It improves on the 2 Vision with video playback, an FM transmitter, a stopwatch and calendar.
All three players are due in August. Pricing is £19.99 for the Clipper, £49.99 for the 2 Vision while the Archos 3 Vision will cost £89.99.



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