Friday, July 17, 2009

Dell Alienware's M17

red-m17x-1 The Power of CrossFireX

The M17 brings ATI CrossFireX™ to Alienware's laptop lineup for the first time ever. Delivering a revolutionary leap in mobile graphics, ATI CrossFireX dual-GPU technology brings enhanced scalability and performance along with full DirectX® 10.1 support. ATI PowerPlay™ allows the M17 to monitor GPU usage and adjust the graphics power according to current resource requirements.

The World’s First Mobile Quad-Core CPU

The Alienware M17 laptop is powered by the world's first-ever quad core mobile CPU. The Intel® Core™2 Quad delivers unrivaled power to the M17, supplying ample horsepower to the system so you can enjoy expanded multitasking abilities and faster speeds when taking on resource-intensive tasks such as playing next-generation games, video editing and more. red-m17x-2

Maximum Hard Drive Capacity

With the Alienware M17, having the capacity to store all your files is the last thing you need to worry about. Dual 500GB drives in a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration take care of that. With a full 1TB, you can hold over 150 games, 250 full-length movies or a jaw-dropping 250,000 songs. In addition, all Alienware 7200RPM drives feature Free Fall Sensor technology to further protect your valuable data.

red-m17x-3 Are You Ready For Windows Vista 64 Bit?

Alienware unleashes the full potential of its high-end hardware with Windows Vista 64 bit, unlocking all of the hardware’s dynamic features. A 64-bit operating system can process twice as much information as a 32-bit version, and can use significantly more random access memory. If you want to experience the world’s most advanced OS, you need the unrivaled power of an Alienware.

Command Center Control Panel

Whether you're adjusting your laptop's power settings in AlienFusion, customizing the touchpad functionality with AlienTouch or configuring advanced facial recognition security options in AlienSense, you can modify your M17 to fit your exact needs and preferences. Future releases and updates download directly into Command Center so your Alienware laptop is constantly evolving. High Speed Memory

High-Speed DDR3 Memory

The M17 features up to 8GB of DDR3 memory for higher speeds and extreme multitasking with even the most resource-intensive games and applications.


High-Speed Draft-N Wireless

Disconnect your M17 and maintain a stable, high-speed connection with next-generation Draft-N wireless technology.


Record HD TV and Movies

The optional internal TV tuner on the M17 lets you watch, record and save for later all your favorite TV shows and movies, including full HD programming.


Go Beyond 1080p

The M17 is designed for extreme entertainment. HD video and 3D games explode off the 17-inch LCD in Extreme High-Def 1200p resolutions.


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