Thursday, September 17, 2009

Queen of the house, the Roomba


No appliance better than the classic geek Roomba to finish this special edition so good times has brought us this August.

Roomba is a classic appliance has for years in the market iRobot. With the return home after the summer, leaving new Roomba vacuum cleaner market with a mission as always: keep your house clean with just one click.

Roomba is a series of robots with the AWARE system, an application that controls the vacuum and independently performs the housekeeping in all soil types.

It is also effective, safe vacuum, since the machine is disconnected at the time that is lifted off the ground. For furniture and other objects / animals that are in the room that is clean do not worry: Roomba navigates wisely, reduce their speed when approaching any obstacle, even with his anti-drop system stops when it reaches a ladder and turns.

The combination of circular brush and the two brushes that rotate in opposite directions on the sides make it easy for the inner tank was filled with dirt from the floor. Its small size makes it easy to be introduced under the furniture.

Something that we loved when we tried a Roomba was the programming system that makes the vacuum back to base to recharge without the need to act, or when it has finished its task of cleaning that we have entrusted.


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