Thursday, September 17, 2009

ViewSonic PJD2121 Compact Projector

viewsonic PJD2121

ViewSonic PJD2121 model can create images with sizes up to 60 inches although the projector placed near the screen, but being compact we find an occasional inconvenience. The first is resolution, which can only be 800 × 600 but can natively connect sources to give us up to 1080i video. The other hits of this type of product is the luminosity, well below normal.

In this projector from ViewSonic would be speaking to 400 lumens compared to 2,000 on average to be found in a traditional projector. However, the result will be satisfactory if we do not use in bright environments, because with only 100 lumens projections have gotten good in our tests.

An interesting accessory that came with the projector is the WPG-350 bridge. If you connect to the VGA port on your projector, we will have a WiFi connection with a computer if they want. This accessory does well at resolutions up to 1024 × 768 pixels.

The price of compact projector ViewSonic PJD2121 is $ 500, costing $ 200 WiFi adapter.


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