Saturday, July 11, 2009

BlackBerry Onyx

BlackBerry Onyx with optical trackball leaks out

Looks like RIM's getting serious about optical trackballs -- first the Curve 8520 ditched the spinner and now it looks like the Onyx has been upgraded as well. That's pretty much just as we've all expected ever since we first laid eyes on this 3G mashup of the Bold and Curve 8900, and we're pretty stoked about it, since we find optical trackballs to be pretty great. Of course, there's no word on a ship date, but we're hoping it'll be soon.

The handset is expected to land as the BlackBerry 9020, almost definitely on AT&T and most likely to T-Mobile USA as well. UMA support is tipped for the latter, though that’s not been confirmed yet.

[via Boy Genius Report]


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