Saturday, July 11, 2009

Call with Anonymous Number

If you want to call anyone with “Anonymous” Number this trick is just for you. This trick is tested on June /05/2009 and it works with Telenor , Ufone, Zong, Warid and Mobilink numbers.

Procedure is quite simple.

Go to number dialing option and dial 00448700360412 then press * three times it will show letter “P” then dial 0092 and mobile number without zero. you will hear a message that you call will be transfered within 30 seconds.

The logic of this is the number”00448700360412″ is a setallite forwarding number it works like a proxy. when you dial this number it forwards your call with redirection number.

To dial number here is example.

00448700360412p00923433025395 (to write p press * 3 times)

Note: Call charges depends on your service provider different networks charge different charges. usually charges are between RS 20 to 30/= per minute even on miss call.


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