Thursday, July 9, 2009

KGB Disappearing Ink Pen

Never leave evidence


Rule one of being a spy is never letting anyone know you are a spy. And part of that is never leaving evidence or incriminating documents behind. It sounds hard, but not if you have the right tools. And we're here to help you collect the right tools. With the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen, you'll never leave a speck of your handwriting ever again - because the ink in this pen will vanish without a trace.

You've probably seen "disappearing ink pens" before, but you ain't seen nothing like the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen. This pen features a special gel ink developed by real KGB scientists during the Cold War (and made in Russia), that disappears completely. Because it is a gel pen, you don't need to press hard which prevents paper indenting. You'll notice the ink fading within a matter of minutes - and it will be completely gone within 48 hours. And not just faded - gone! Even UV scanners won't be able to detect that anything was ever written with the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen. Spies need the best (you need the best), and the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen is the best there is. bf21_kgb_disappearing_ink_pen_inuse

Please Note: This is not a cheapo invisible ink sort of pen. This is real KGB science. Once the ink disappears, nothing will be able to tell there was ever writing on the paper. Nothing.

KGB Disappearing Ink Pen In Action!

KGB Disappearing Ink Pen
  • Looks like a normal pen, but the ink will disappear completely within 48 hours.
  • Special ink formula developed by KGB scientists during the Cold War.
  • Even UV light won't be able to find a trace of your writing.
  • Made in Russia.
  • Dimensions: standard pen size - approx. 6"


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