Saturday, July 11, 2009

UbiSurfer, PocketSurfer3

Datawind bringing UbiSurfer, PocketSurfer3 to the US

Remember Datawind's PocketSurfer and PocketSurfer2 handheld internet devices? Ever see one out in the wild on this side of the pond? Well, Datawind is hoping that it'll have better luck with its new PocketSurfer3 and UbiSurfer devices, which are both now apparently officially on track for a US release. The PocketSurfer3 (pictured above) is a fairly modest update to the PocketSurfer2, with it adding an improved screen and updated UI and, most perhaps importantly, a lower $249 price tag that also includes a year of free cellular usage (up to 30 hours a month).

Pocket Surfer 3

After testing the PocketSurfer 2, which left us not too happy, the manufacturer has listed a new version of the product is called, how could it be otherwise, PocketSurfer3 with interesting innovations.

The device continues to maintain connectivity through GPRS and compression technology to the company who get better download speeds (in exchange for a loss of caldiad obvious).

Equipped with the Linux operating system, the Pocket Surfer 3 open to new options, such as editing documents or spreadsheets and other applications.

In addition, it maintains the technical specifications of the previous model, with a 5-inch screen and 640 × 240 pixels. Your browser supports Java and Javascript, plus implement geolocation, although it called GPS by triangulating the cell phone.

The autonomy of Pocket Surfer 3 is in operation and 4 hours until 4 days on hold and its price, including Internet connectivity for one year and 30 hours per month is 200 pounds, 235 euros to change, but will have to see if they decide to bring this model here.

The UbiSurfer, on the other hand, is a more traditional netbook-style device (check it out after the break), although it harkens back a bit to the pre-Atom days with a 7-inch screen, 1GB of storage, 128MB of RAM and an unspecified, presumably low-power processor. The good news, however, is that it includes the same year of free service as the PocketSurfer3, and packs an even lower $199 price tag. No word on a cellular partner involved in all of this, but Datawind says both should be available this October.


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