Monday, July 13, 2009

The Light Pillow


This is one of those lamps you really wish you could afford so that you could place it in your child’s room.  Then investing quite a bit in giving the room a highly whimsical theme and creating basically a dream land.  Odd lighting that no one would ever expect to see always makes for a great way to change up a room.  Even a normally plain room would be perked up with something like this.

It can be tossed onto the floor, placed on a table, hung on the wall or even used as a chandelier.  It’s also easy to wash, so for those of you that would use this for a kid, it’d still be a great option.  The cover itself is completely removable and made of 100% cotton, while the frame is made of powder-coated metal.  They don’t actually give any indication as to what type of light bulb this would need or if it’s an LED light.


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