Monday, July 13, 2009

The operating system war is on.

You Predict the Winner of OS Wars: Chrome, Windows, Linux, OS X?

Microsoft Windows currently controls most of the globe’s desktops, with Apple gaining ground among the highbrow willing to pay for style, elegance and ease of use. Open source Linux distros dominate the world’s servers, and can be found running in user-friendly versions on a small, but not dismissible, number of desktops.

And now Google is entering the fray with Chrome OS: a lightweight, free, open source operating system designed to be fast and to support just one piece of software — a web browser.

It looks to be the first real contender against Microsoft Windows’ world domination, but the future is far from clear. Microsoft may look vulnerable, but it’s a behemoth with loyal (if not enthusiastic) users, billions in cash and a willingness to eventually catch up to faster competitors.

So what will the OS landscape look like five years from now? Help Wired figure it out with our prediction widget:


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